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ZSK extends its Multi-Needle Series


ZSK first started with 18 needle and 24 needle single head machines in 2018. In 2019 the RACER II Series follower with tubular embroidery machines of up to 6 heads and a 495mm head spacing with 18 needles.


In 2020 ZSK released the first flat embroidery machines with 18 and 24 needles. The models of the multi-needle series include flat system Single-, Two- and 14-Head machines. Flat system Single Head machines with the multi-needle option (18 needles or 24 needles) are offered with a variety of embroidery fields with a maximum of 2.100 x 2.500 mm. For decades the maximum embroidery field depths in multi-head embroidery were limited at 1.500mm.

Since 2019 ZSK is delivering embroidery machines with 2.000mm and 2.500mm embroidery field width.


The 14 head multi needle machine is equipped with 18 needles per embroidery head and has a head spacing of 480mm with a double pantograph drive (where every second head can operate a field of 2 x 480mm = 960mm).


Walter Schreiber (Area Sales Manager)

Walter Schreiber (Area Sales Manager):

„We are delighted to announce our new models of the multi-needle series for 2021. I have seen a growing trend in our markets for larger embroidery fields and a requirement for more than 12 colours per design.


In 2021 we release three new models in this series that can be ordered with a variety of embroidery field depths. It’s great to see that ZSK once again takes the lead to allow designers the use of a lot more embroidery colours and to provide machines that produce designs efficiently“

CYGF 1418-480D

The new multi-needle series models have the following characteristics


Model Heads Needles Head Distance
CYCF 1018-600D 10 18 600D
CYGF 1218-600 12 18 600
CYGF 1224-600 12 24 600


Multi-needle model already available


Model Heads Needles Head Distance
CYGF 1418-480D 14 18 480D


The new models can be ordered from May 2021 onwards.

First deliveries are scheduled for July 2021.



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