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ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Leistungssteigerung für Serie RACER

Tech. modification


Performance upgrade: Racer-Series


The Racer series has received a performance upgrade that allows 1100rpm in tubular operation for stitch lengths up to 27Inc.


Up to a stitch length of 39Inc. higher speeds are possible in comparison to the present 1000rpm.


The upgrade is not intended for JAFA machines.

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - neuer pneumatischer Spannrahmen

New product


Pneumatic clamping frame with adjustable depth


  • No more intervention in the production process required, due to fully automated retensioning in the side pass over long distances (up to 7.6m approved).
  • Low material waste due to continuously adjustable embroidery field depth (1300-1600mm).
  • Clamping and tensioning of up to 4 layers of material on top of each other.
  • Clamp stroke adjustable (0-38mm).
  • During the side pull-through, the material is not deflected but pulled through in a straight direction. For this purpose, the side clamps are moved upwards to avoid contact with the material.

New product


ZSK Quick Clamp (ZQC)


  • Simple to assemble and easy to use.
  • Clamping of socks, bracelets and collars, dog leashes, shoulder bag straps and many other products.
  • Clamping arms are adjustable in height to the thickness of the material.
  • The distance between the clamping arms can be adjusted to the product and the required embroidery field width (85-190mm).
ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Bordürenrahmen flexibel anpassen

New function


Modular Adjustment


The modular adjustment system allows to adjust the border frame size to the required dimensions.


There is also the possibility of clamping several fabrics in one frame.

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Lasereinheit für Einkopf Stickmaschinen

New product


Laser cutting for single head machines



  • Laser cutting of applications
  • Multilayer application
  • Reverse application
  • Laser boring
  • Adjustable intensity and cutting speed
  • Separate laser control unit triggered by commands in the embroidery design
ZSK TERMINAL - Software für den Stickerallatg

New product




  • Software for beginners
  • Easy to learn, fewer steps required
  • Not intended to create new patterns from scratch
  • It is meant to customize a design
  • Thread cone matching: Thread cones on the machine are read and a new embroidery file is created according to the order on the machine.


More information

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Vollautomatisierte Stickmaschine

New functions


Fully automated embroidery machine


  • Automatic Pull-Through from left to right.
  • Material feeding with up to three fabric layers.
  • Edge sensors for perfect alignment of the fabric edges.
  • Pneumatic clamping and tensioning in the border frame.
  • Scalable buffer storage according to customer requirements (e.g. 10-20m).
ZSK Technisches Sticksystem CSHW 0400 - 300Q SKW

New model


CSHW 0400-300Q SKW

4-head embroidery machine for laying and fixing wire


  • 4 head wire laying machine.
  • Pull-Through from back to front and reverse.
  • Allows wire laying over long objects by clamping forward and backward multiple times the depth of the frame.
  • Pneumatic tensioning of fabrics up to a width of 1800mm and a frame depth of 1800mm.
  • The unwindig and rewinding fabric rolls follow the side movement of the frame.
  • New stamps close to the needle secure high accuracy of the fabrics position during retensioning. 
  • Modified clamping for even clamping force over the entire width of 1800mm.

New model




Art.No.: 376.570.918


  • 8 heads with 18 needles
  • sewing field size 3960 x 700mm;
    8 heads with 495 x 700mm each
  • super fast colour change
  • slimmest tubular arm
  • cap and single frame embroidery
  • ideal for 3D embroidery

New product


Accessories for sewing machines


ZSK offers bobbins and bobbin cases with higher thread tension, specially designed for leather embroidery

  • for thick yarn
  • for bobbin changer
  • black flap
  • thread tension up to 160 g
  • use with rotary hook ZSK FP 573 208


Bobbin Art.No.: 573 223
Bobbin case Art.No.: 570 907
Rotary hook Art.No.: 573 208

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - T8 Kontrolleinheit

New function


Retraction of Sequins


The retraction function can be activated in the parameter settings of the T8.


Instead of lifting and lowering the sequin device as a whole, only the foot is retracted. For thread trimming the sequin device is not lifted. This increases the performance of the machine.


In addition, the foot is retracted if no further use of the sequin device is required within the next stitches.

MCP35 with CON-Module; Twin Sequin Device


New product


Exclusive needles for ZSK


Groz-Beckert exclusively manufactures needles that are specially adapted to the requirements of leather embroidery.


  • Needle NM 110 System DBXK5 SD (784702) 
    Art.No.: 574 733
  • Needle NM 120 System DBXK5 SD (784712) 
    Art.No.: 574 734
  • Needle NM 130 System DBXK5 SD (784722) 
    Art.No.: 574 735
  • Needle NM 120 System DBXK5 DH (784672)
    Art.No.: 574 731
  • Needle NM 130 System DBXK5 DH (784682)
    Art.No.: 574 732


ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - K-Kopf mit 12 Farben

New function


K-Head with 12 colours

While the K-head machines were previously available with a number of 6 colours, we can now also offer our customers K-Head machines with 12 colours.


These machines are equipped with the super fast colour change.

ZSK Auto Select Bobbin Changer

New product


Auto Select Bobbin Changer

Art.Nr.: 270.021.921

The Auto Select Bobbin Changer knows the position of the magazine at any time. In the T8-2 control unit, the needle and bobbin and thus also conductive top and bottom yarn, thick top and bottom yarn for 3D effects as well as the same colour top and bottom yarns can be automatically assigned.


Production times are shortened and possible mistakes can be avoided.


Even with the combination of thin and thick top yarn in a pattern, the Auto Select Bobbin Changer is a great help. The auto select bobbin changer can be installed on all ZSK flatbed machines and (upon request)on tubular machines with the old tubular arm.


If the bobbin changer is installed on tubular machines, caps and tubular goods cannot be produced.


New model


RACER 12 - up to 12 comnponenets at the same time

Racer 12 S

  • 12 heads with 12 needles
  • up to 1000rpm
  • super fast colour change
  • slimmest tubular arm
  • cap and single frame embroidery
  • ideal for 3D embroidery
Robuste Rahmenklemmen für schwerer Materialien

New product


Heavy duty border frame clamps


The developed clamps can be adjusted to variable material thicknesses and are therefore suitable especially for thick materials or multi-layer materials. Moreover, normal materials can be clamped with particularly high tension.


The clamps are available in 200mm and 300mm.

Rahmenklemmen mit Abweisern

Best Practice


Border frame clamps with deflectors


The new clamps are designed for use on machines with W-head. The deflectors prevent the feeding from getting caught on the frame clamps.


The clamps are available in 200mm and 300mm.

Quick Change System SPRINT 8

Technical modification


Quick Change System Sprint 8


The Sprint 8‘s new Quick Change System enables the quick and easy change between different applications such as cap, tubular applications or border frame.


Flachbettmaschinen mit 18 und 24 Nadeln

New functions


Flatbed machines with 18 and 24 needles

While the flatbed machines were previously available with a maximum of 12 needles / colours, we can now also offer our customers flatbed machines with 18 and 24 needles / colours.