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Bild mit Darstellung von ergonomischer Arbeitshöhe SPRINT



Ergonomic working height SPRINT


We care about the health of your employees. A healthy posture is especially important in a full-time job. For this reason, the working height of all our Sprint models can be adjusted to the operator and offer great workplace ergonomics by default.

The base is adjustable to four heights. We recommend the following adjustments:


Body height (mm) Working height tubular* (mm)
1.550 - 1.650 950
1.650 - 1.750 1.000
1.750 - 1.850 1.050
1.850 + 1.100


*For border frame operations we recommend the lowest working height.

Please note: The height of the base has to be adjusted before placing the machine on top of it!

Happy Easter 2023 with BasePac

Software - BasePac


BasePac - Happy Easter Special 2023

Let's add a special touch to your Easter meal together!


In our latest video at our YouTube channel "ZSK Digitizing Academy" we show you how to embroider your own napkins and give your feast a personal touch.


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ZSK's neue automatisierte Sticklösung zur Herstellung von Patches

New Product


ZSK's Automated Patch Production

Discover the Innovative Features of ZSK Stickmaschinen's Newest Embroidery Solution, Designed for Efficiency and Flexibility.


At ZSK Stickmaschinen, we continuously strive to enhance our customers' embroidery experience by delivering innovative and efficient solutions.

This year, we proudly present our latest groundbreaking product: the ZSK Automated Single Head, based on the well-known SPRINT 7 Series with servo drives.


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New Product



ZSK Terminal is a work preparation software for embroiderers and owners of ZSK embroidery machines.  The program offers, among many other things, a quick and easy solution to add text to existing embroidery files.



  • Combines text and monograms with existing stitch designs
  • Creates stitch data from graphics and photos
  • Assign and change colors
  • Already contains more than 100 ready-made designs 
  • ...


More about TERMINAL ...


Neue Maschine zum Legen von Fasern, Draht und Schläuchen -  QZCW 0800-900 (1600) SKW

New Model


QZCW 0800-900 (1600) SKW


  • Number of W-heads: 8
  • Prepared for side pull-through
  • Embroidery field depth: 1.600 mm / 63"
  • Embroidery field width (8 heads): 900 mm / 35,4"
  • Embroidery field width (4 heads): 1.600 mm / 63"
  • Ergonomic table plate design
Neuer optimierter seitlicher Durchzug für ZSK Stickmaschinen

Techn. Modification


Optimized side pull-through

Due to the modified frame geometry, the new side pull-through principle does not cause material deflection. It has already proven itself on F-head machines, so ZSK STICKMASCHINEN is now transferring this principle to selected W-head technical embroidery machines.


It will soon be introduced in the QZCW 0800-900 1600 SKW with 8 W-heads and an embroidery field depth of 1.600mm / 63".


Neue Garnständer für ZSK Stickmaschinen mit K-Kopf

New Products


New yarn racks for the K-head

In addition to the conventional yarn racks, two special types are available for the K-head, which open up new possibilities. 302.009.905 (left)
The yarn rack with angled feed enables the use of large cones and the feeding of several strands of material via one eyelet. This rack is used, for example, for feeding very thin, conductive yarns for e-textiles. 302.009.907 (right)
Suitable for cones up to 190mm / 7.5" in diameter and 170mm / 6.7" in height.