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Our new GiS BasePac 10 learning platform is out now!

This innovative platform is specially designed for people who are new to embroidery file creation (punching) and are just starting out with the BasePac software.

Our learning platform offers a variety of videos that explain step by step how to solve typical tasks and successfully create your own embroidery files.

What does the GiS BasePac learning platform offer?

Step-by-step videos: Learn the basics and advanced techniques of the BasePac software through easy-to-understand video tutorials.

Interactive exercises: Test your knowledge and skills with hands-on exercises after each video.

Individual feedback: Send your exercise results to our specialists at and receive valuable feedback for improvement.

Free participation: Using the learning platform is completely free. All you have to do is register.

Certificate: After successfully completing the exam, you will receive a certificate confirming your newly acquired skills.


Start your journey into the world of embroidery file creation today with the GiS BasePac learning platform and soon become a BasePac  pro!


Register now and get started! ...

CHALLENGER SGR 0218 - with the fast R-Head

New Model


CHALLENGER SGR 0218-700 D SKW (1000) SF


  • Number of R-Heads: 2
  • Number of colours: 18
  • Embroidery field border frame (WxD): 1.400 x 1.000 mm
  • Max. Embroidery speed: 2.000 rpm
  • Performance drives


ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Ribbon, Winding and Zigzag for tubular work.

New Operating Mode




Ribbon, Winding and Zigzag for tubular work.

The new Racer Z0118 - 495 (500) SF enables the use of the W-head on tubular goods thanks to the removable table top. Lacing, wrapping and bandaging is now also possible on shirts, bags and more.


Automatischer Durchzugsrahmen für RACER - ROLL2ROLL

New Product



  • Suitable for RACER models with a border frame depth of 700 mm.
  • Flexible adjustment of embroidery field width up to 180 mm. With wider connection even more embroidery field width would be possible.
  • Extra flat design to fit underneath the needle package of the F-Head as well as under the W-Head.
  • Utilization of very flat clamping elements for optimal use of the embroidery field.


Item No.: 312.029.927

Weitere Optimierung des F-Kopfes

Technical Development



  • Noise reduction by optimized needle bar drive and sliding surfaces.
  • Enhanced embroidery quality due to optimised precision:
    1. Improved thread feeding, due to longer take up lever.
    2. Improved bearing for needle package 9N and 12N.
      Bearing for 6N, 18N, 24N already geometrical optimised.



Retrofit kit - Item No.: 270.998.993
Guide - Item No.: 270.003.431
Thread pull lever (incl. sleeve) - Item No.: 280.003.922

FÜR ZSK CHALLENGER und Flachstickmaschinen - Halterung T8 und Laptop

New Product



  • Suitable for current CHALLENGER and flat system machines.
  • Ideal for working in parallel on T8 and laptop.


Item No.: 270.001.948