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2022/02 | 2022/01 



Case Study


On-Demand Embroidery with Coloreel

Meet our customer Shirtful

In collaboration with German distributor ZSK Stickmaschinen, Coloreel visited customer Shirtful at their main production facility in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany where they currently have Coloreel in operation. 


Shirtful specialises in on-demand embroidery and digital textile printing for both B2B and B2C customers.

Further info about Coloreel …

ZSK Academy


The right Needle


Finding the right needle is a challenge and a decisive factor for a good embroidery result.


Fred Schneider, application engineer from Groz-Beckert, the world's leading supplier of industrial machine needles - and Martin Sibben, service technician at ZSK STICKMASCHINEN, the world-renowned manufacturer of embroidery machines made in Germany, explain the different types of embroidery needles and the purpose for which they are used.


This video will help you find the best needles for your needs.

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - RACER 0124 - Ideal für Anwendungen im Bereich Automotive und Leder

New model


Racer 0124-1.000 (700)


  • Embroidery field depth 700mm
  • Embroidery field width 1000mm
  • Bobbin Changer
  • Ideal for automotive and leather applications
  • Table plate with integrated door
  • Ergonomic T8 and Laptop mount
ZSK STICKMASCHINEN - Ergonomische T8 Befestigung

New product


Ergonomic T8 mount


  • Modular mounting system
  • T-piece allows parallel working on T8 and laptop
    (use of OPS2 camera)
  • swivellable to desired position
  • adjustable to desired height
OPS 2 - Kameraschutzgitter

New product


OPS2 camera protection

Art.No.: 361.036.902

  • Protects the camera from collisions when opening the frame.
  • Camera does not need to be readjusted after impact.
  • Easily mountable on aluminum construction profile.



Farewell into retirement


Michael Metzler retired per 01. July 2022

Our long-time employee Michael Metzler has retired per July 01, 2022. Mr. Metzler looks back on 37 years of active work in embroidery machine construction and software development at ZSK.


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