Digitizing embroidery requires specialized software skills . However, with practice and attention to detail, it becomes easier to create an embroidery designs. In this chapter you learn about the diffrent main stitch types and how to digitize a picture.

Different Types of Embroidery Stitches

This video is an overview over the main stitch types that are important to learn when you are new to digitizing and the world of embroidery. The instructions are done with help of the BasePac 10 digitizing software, but you might find it helpful even if you use any other software or the EPCwin.

Running Stitch

This video is an early start to the world of digitizing. It introduces you to the running stitch, and its variations.

Satin Stitch

This chapter covers the stitch type called satin stitch. It will be discussed what it is used for and how you can achieve a good result.

Fill Stitch

This video is an introduction on how to create a fill stitch with the BasePac digitizing software. It also explains what this stitch type is used for and it also shows some possible variations along many others.


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