Accessories and machine-related spare parts catalogs


To view the spare part catalogues in the PDF format, you require the free Acrobat Reader.

New - Search for spare parts in the 3D machine model (PDF)

Search and find spare parts in a 3D model of a ZSK embroidery machine.


  1. Please download the PDF with the 3D model to your computer.
  2. Use the current desktop version of the >> Acrobat Reader to open the downloaded PDF.


Important Acrobat Reader settings for displaying PDF with 3D content

In order to display the PDF with the 3D content correctly in Acrobat Reader (desktop version), please check the necessary settings in Acrobat Reader.


Open the Acrobat Reader on your desktop computer and search at "Menu for the item „Preferences"
The „Preferencess“ will open in a new window; select the item "Multimedia & 3D" in the left-hand column.


In the „Multimedia and 3D options“ you will find the setting "Enable playback of multimedia and 3D content" at the top. Activate this item by ticking the box and confirm with "OK". Now you can open and display the PDF with the 3D images of the ZSK embroidery machines in the desktop version of Acrobat Reader.

Spare parts search via catalogs / lists (PDF)

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